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Here's why I create Gracella organics.

I love effective products

I am obsessed with Thai herbs. I have been using Turmeric in any form such as powder or eat fresh by putting in my food. It helps a lot with my digestion and I feel my skin glowing inside out. Moreover, I can't live with out something like Gua sha that Chinese ancients used it for such a long time. It's just super powerful and I can see the results in a very short time. Thai herbs has been used for generations and generations and most important reason I made Gracella, I wanted to create something I can use beautifully, my mom can use, my boyfriend can use and of course same product that can use on my future children skin. That's how this journey begin.


Proud Founder of Gracella organics.

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We encourage everyone to live a healthy life.

Because wealth is health and healthy life is not only what you eat. It's what you think, what you hear .. It's pretty much everything happening to us every single second. Gracella embrace the power of mind, soul, thoughts. Nourish yourself with certified organics products, lighten up your room with the smile and positive affirmation. Stay happy and healthy every one

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